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2• André Perugia • Fashion Perfume Shoes - L'homme qui avait le talent à ses pieds !


André Perugia was born in France, in 1893, in the city of Nice, of parents originally from Italy. Many shoemakers practise this trade in the family and quite naturally, André became a shoemaker at the age of sixteen. He learns and understands quickly.

Evening" bottle in its box - In the background advertising for the 3 bottles of the series

Superposition of the visual and the object.

In the background the advertising of the "podium" bottles of Perugia, designed by Charlotte Perriand: Matin Après-Midi and Soir. In the foreground, the Soir bottle in its case is artistically aligned. Photograph GF

André Perugia met Paul Poiret, on vacation in Nice, in the 1910s, a period when industrialization and the arts were preoccupying people's minds. They appreciate each other and exchange ideas with humor and sincerity, until the First World War which will separate them. Thanks to the advice of Paul Poiret, after studying, André Perugia became an engineer. In 1921, he opened his first boutique 11 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré in Paris. Soon, André Perugia is recognized as a master in shoe design.

Perugia - Sandale Picasso, 1929

In 1927, Perugia crossed the Atlantic to New York, where he was adored. In 1933, he created the Padova brand, marketed exclusively in the United States at Saks Fifth Avenue. He continued to create from 1940 to 1960 and retired in 1970. He died in 1977 at the age of 84.

André Perugia - Presentation of the perfume Soir dans son coffret for the "podium" bottle designed by Charlotte Perriand. In the background: the interior of the Fg St Honoré boutique in Paris.

André Perugia, frequented and collaborated with actors from the art world. His creations are today museum pieces. Perugia distinguished himself by his surrealist creations.

Les Heures de Perugia : "Matin" "Soir"

dessin Charlotte Perriand

André Perugia - Perfume presentation Les Heures de Perugia Morning Afternoon Evening - Enigmatic boxed set for three bottles and three floral notes Lilac Carnation Violet. Ankle caps.

Les Heures de Perugia version, for three fragrances, presents a very classic design, too classic, let's say, not to hide any intrigue! The arrangement and shape of the caps on these three bottles is striking, reminiscent of the pegs used to adjust the chords of a stringed musical instrument.

Charlotte Perriand designed the entire decoration as well as the creation of the furniture and displays of her boutique in the Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris. She designed the "Podium" bottle (unpublished information) whose design represents the shoe displays of her boutique.

The monogram AP logo, inside the lid of the box Les Heures de Perugia, was designed by Paul Iribe, who at the same time designed the monogram R for Paul Poiret's bottle La Rose de Rosine (unpublished).

Perfume bottle Le R de Rosine - Les Parfums de Rosine (Paul Poiret)

Unpublished texts from period documents



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