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33•5• Leves N°5 •Hermès - Timespieces

Paul-Dupré-Lafon Pendulette-H Ermeto Horseshoe Angelus Golf Counter Compass Torpedo Boat Pendulette-Crossed Porthole

Welcome to my collections, to a place of light and space where it is good to live, write, look, dream and search. Clocks, pendulum clocks and pendulum clocks personalise refined living spaces. Now museum pieces, these 20th century accessories bring a charm of life to our daily interiors.

Beauty is timeless. Authenticity is essential and reassuring. Quality in all its forms is priceless.

Table clock H

Sublime realization weighing nearly 3 kilos. At first sight a paperweight, but by tilting the central edge we discover an elegant clock with sober lines in the pure design of the time. A timeless object.

Hermès desk clock 1960s-1970s

Numbered, signed and engraved

under the seat

Silver plated bronze

7.5 cm square

Hermès catalogue 1971

Embossed cover H


Clock "Ermeto"

Clock "Ermeto" in its Hermès 1929 travel case

Hermès Catalogue 1929

Gold-plated silver Lizard-coated silver


Pendulum clock

Square clock with bridge Full leather1935

Hermes hot stamped under the axis of the hands


Mechanism cover

in chrome-plated brass

Full leather Chrome plated brass



Angelus Hermès 1956

Numbered copy

Clock in the form of a carriage lantern not attached to the base. White dial with gold index, luminescent "Dauphine" hands and stick hand for the alarm.

Mechanical movement.

Gilded bronze Blackened bronze Gold

The mechanism is hidden in the lantern

A system allows the dial to be opened, which pops up like Swiss cuckoo clocks


Horseshoe Clock

Horseshoe travel clock in its case

signed Hermès-Paris 1959

The articulated dial with notches allows to choose a position. 8-day mechanical movement. Dial and movement signed.

Chrome-plated brass Box-calf


Sports watch jewellery... Golf Tennis

• Golf counter

Hermès 1925 golf totalizator Hermès

The large pointer indicates the hole being played (from 1 to 18).

By turning the crown, you can move to the next hole.

The crown is pressed to increment the number

the number in the window.

Button at the end of the link

to attach the counter to the

to the buttonhole.

Steel Box Glass Enamel


• Watch "for sport"

Watch for sport c.1930 Signature: button and dial reverse

with its button fastener

Crocodile skin Full leather Palladium metal Fluorescent needles

Model reproduced in

LMH 1993 p. 16

Suggestions catalogue



• Clip watch for sport

Clipped to the lapel of a jacket or sleeve, sportswomen will be on time for the "five to the clock".

Clip watch for sport

c. 1930

Crocodile skin Full leather Chrome plated metal

1930s golfer. The Hermès watch clipped to the reverse


• Altimeter

Altimètre Hermès

Naudet & Cie

Paris Made in France 1980

The altimeter is a measuring instrument used to determine the vertical distance between a point and a reference surface


Reverse side of the case with belt loop to attach

to the belt


H logo embossed leather Chrome plated metal

Travel clock102.93.84

Travel clock Hermès Paris 1925

Closing system with front pressure on the lens

Fluorescent hands

Fluorescent stick index with double Arabic numeral index in open position

Front view closed

Front view closed back

Peau de chagrin Chromed metal Glass

Compass paperweight

Compass paperweight

Hermès-Paris "Total" Années 1960

Offered by Total to invited guests

D. 9,5 H. 2,5 cm

Silver plated brass Leather Glass Steel


Full leather desk clock

5 sided desk clock Hermès 24 Fg St Honoré Paris

Paul Dupré Lafon c. 1940

The cubic body rotates on an axis allowing the 4 sides to be viewed. A 5th side displays a compass with a top view.

Full leather terrace with steps

Underneath the base


Polished brass Steel Glass

Box-calf Full leather


Marine set "torpedo boat"

Hermès-Paris marine chronometer

Ulysse Nardin movement Numbered copy n°24413

Year of issue c.1950 Reissued in the 1980s with quartz movement

Marine chronometer fixed in its

mahogany case.

Varnished mahogany

Brass Mineral glass

The gimbal keeps the clock in balance during navigation.

Mechanical movement with automatic electric winding and battery operation.

Clock hours minutes seconds

H. 14,5 L. 15 cm D. 15 cm

Weight 2220 gr


Nautical inspired clock

Hublot clock with easel.

In the background an advertisement published in La Renaissance 1939

3/4 view on his easel

Polished brass Glass Blackened steel


Pendulette "Croisée"

Pendulette « Croisée »

Hermès-Paris Paul-Dupré-Lafon Jeager-Lecoultre 1965

Pendulette 8 jours Dateur

Section carrée 15 cm H. 2 et 4 cm

Box-calf Plein cuir Bronze doré brossé

Vue de profil


Modèle reproduit dans Suggestions 1965 Ed. Hermès


"Pendulette pliante"

• Plein cuir

«Pendulette pliante » Hermès-Paris Paul-Dupré-Lafon 1962

Box-calf Plein cuir Bronze doré


• Extra-flat

Extra-flat folding clock in lambskin Hermès-Paris c.1937


Chrome plated metal

Sheathed metal

fluorescent index and hands

1.13 mm thick


Neo-classic clock

A Louis XVI style bronze clock

finely chased with palmettes around the dial. Ouroboros socket, articulated Hermès Paris

Reproduced in the catalogue Suggestions 1961

Partially polished, gilded or amatized bronze Concave glass

The 4 screwed bronze feet


Atos station clock

Station clock "Atos" 1955

signed on the dial of the alarm clock

Gold-plated brass Crocodile skin

2 dials 1 thermometer

Vertical view

Palier N°6 - en préparation

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