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33•6• Palier N°6 •Hermès - Objects for the bag . for the pocket . for adornment ... for pleasure

Gender feminine masculine

"Zoulou" folding coin purse

Hermès - Paris introduced in 1935

6,8 cm

Zoulou coin purse 1935 . 1st edition

Listed in "Les suggestion d' Hermès" 1935

Finding this never-before-used accessory gave me great pleasure. A real trophy!

canteen for bag

Hermès - Paris circa 1950

Box calf Chromed brass

Cantine folding corkscrew knife

signature Hermès-Paris Ravinet d'Enfert


folding ashtray for bag

Hermès - Paris

Silver Minerve

Closed position

in cover H

X-shaped opening by pressing a flat


cuff links and case

Hermès - Paris circa 1925

18K gold on pigskin-wrapped skid

Signature on leather

Gold hallmark (eagle head) Master hallmark


extra-flat case for lorgnon

Hermès - Paris Circa 1950

extra-flat case for lorgnon

Lizard skin, doblis calf lining

Lorgnon gold mount in case


magnifying glass in its extra-flat case


Model introduced in 1957

Goldsmith Ravinet-d'Enfert

Bibliography Suggestions Hermès N°213 1957



Silver case Lizard skin lined with goatskin Convex magnifying glass


à l'intérieur de l'étui


"poker d'as" in case

Hermes 24 Fg St Honoré Paris 1923


Crocodile skin case with goat lining

Engraved ivory dice

Case and ( dice

Case with snap closure


leather-wrapped lighter

Hermès Paris c1925

Lighter made by The Beney Lighter London

for Hermès Ht 6 cm

Signatures under the seat

Detail of the furnace

Catalogue H 1929

Silver-plated brass Lambskin-covered brass


cigarette lighter

Hermès Paris Circa 1950

Signature on cigarette lighter and case

Cigarette lighter 18 K gold Horn

Pigskin case Goatskin lining

cigarette lighter

Hermès Paris numéroté

Tuya root


Scottish cigarette case

Hermès Paris 1963

Numbered case

Silver (Minerve) Hallmark

Gilt push-button

Surface chased with a tartan motif

10.5 cm long, 9 cm wide

Case sheathed in doblis calfskin

Satin/velvet interior


Bibliography : Suggestions H n°436 1963


"flat" cigarette case

Hermès Paris Circa 1936

Box-calf sheath

Gilt push-piece Silver and Master hallmarks

Interior with wedge strip


Ravinet d'Enfert is a French silverware brand, founded in 1891 by Louis Ravinet and Charles d'Enfert. In the 1950s, Ravinet and Enfert began making the 1st pieces of silverware for Hermès. In solid silver or silver-plated brass, the metal is finely chased, particularly for shaped pieces requiring assembly. They can be identified by the master hallmark stamped next to the load hallmark and the Hermès signature.

Master stamp on silverware


nurse bracelet

Hermès 1939


Plaque gravé

au nom de Christiane Coty

signée Hermès au revers

Bibliographique Catalogue Suggestions H 1939

The 11th garrison of Gap's Bataillons de Chasseurs Alpins took part in the Second World War. The BCA is a mountain infantry unit of the French Army. Christiane Coty could have been one of the personnel attached to this battalion (infirmary, secretariat, signals, etc.).


pocket photo holder

Hermès - Paris 1960

Mounted on a pedestal forming a seal Hinged opening

Height 6 cm

Silver (Minerve) Bevelled glass


"passant" double-sidede mirror

Hermès-Paris Introduced in 1961

Silver vermeil (Minerve) Guilloché decoration Mirror

Goldsmith Ravinet d'Enfert

Ht 10 cm

Bibliographie Suggestions n° 135 année 1961 et 1983


Poinçon Minerve et

poinçon Orfèvre


pillbox "raquette de tennis"

Hermès - Paris 1945

Silver metal

Mesh included in glass

Side pivot lid

Length 9cm

Slice view

Signature on reverse


cigarette lighter

Hermès 1925

Box Hermès

Black lacquer Green enamel ring

18K gold setting with Hermès signature

L. 13,5 cm



cigare case c1950

Hermès Paris

figures JF

Wrapped in a skin of sorrow


ex-libris compact

Hermès - Paris 1944

Numbered compact

1 engraved polished vermeil side

Silver striated relief on the back

Silver Silver gold Mirror Screen

L'officiel 1944


"flat" compact

Hermès Paris Introduced in 1936

Crocodile sheath

Gold push-button (eagle head)


Poinçon or 18K Poinçon de Maître


guilloche powder case

Hermès Paris Circa 1940

Numbered compact

Surface guilloché with polka dots

Silver plated pusher Bevelled mirror

Sieve on silver frame with pull

Sheathed case in reps

satin/velvet interior

Poudrier in its box

Detail of filter on frame

Engraved number


powder case Treille

Hermès Paris 1952


engraved on silver with gold picot highlights

Silver and gold

Signed suede case

powder disc

Hermès Paris c1950


Engraved on silver


Signed suede case


"fer à cheval" powder case

Hermès Paris 1952

Poudrier with system. Guilloché decoration on each side

Press the vermeil triangle to open. The lid has a bevelled mirror.

Engraved on the inside "gold - silver" hallmark of Master


"Epi" tee clip

Hermès Paris 1959


Catalogue Suggestions H 1959


"écu" unglier

Hermès Paris c 1960