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Chaperon H pièce unique - Koran holder Special order Hermès by Thomson-CSF for the Emirates

Updated: May 1, 2023

FAUCONRY is a tradition and one of the most adored traditional sports in the United Arab Emirates.

"We have inherited the art of falconry from our grandfathers and fathers and we are now teaching it to new generations," explains falconer Salem al-Mansouri from Abu Dhabi.

Chaperon pièce unique

Chaperon de fauconry. Création Hermès 2011

Exceptional piece made in the Hermès saddlery workshops for the 2011 fashion show in the Hermès Sèvres Babylone space. The chaperon is entirely handmade in black calf leather and palladium ring beaded with the H of Hermès. Its case: a custom-made orange oval box.

Chaperon in its original original orange box

Top view

Scarf Chasse à vol

Photo at the H fashion show, 2011

Made when Christophe Lemaire arrived at Hermès, by the Hermès saddlery workshop for his first fashion show. It is a prototype that falls into the category of exceptional orders of the Workshop / unique piece.

The first fashion show of Christophe Lemaire for the House of Hermes, just after the departure of Jean-Paul Gaultier took place in the boutique H Sèvres-Babylone. Initially the falcons present at the show were to be hooded with this chaperone but finally the show took place bareheaded for the bird of prey to avoid additional stress knowing that he would not have the master falconer at his side.

Hermès Boutique Sèvres Babylone fashion show in 2011

The chaperon is a leather cap that covers the head of the hawk to blind it so tchat it remains calm and undisturbed by its surroundings. Introduced in the West by Frederic II and described in his famous treatise "De arte venandi cum avibus". 
Quote from Marco Polo in 1298

Koran case made by Hermès at the request of Thomson-CSF for certain customers in the Middle East
The falcon is the national bird of Qatar

On the top of the lid, circular medallion decorated with a Shaheen falcon in relief gilded with gold on a background engraved with the Thomson-CSF logo representing an anti-aircraft tank.The inscription "صقر" means "holy falcon" or "Falco cherrug".

Published by Hermès for Thomson-CSF (which became Thalès in 2000) for the launch of the Shaheen system developed in Saudi Arabia. Offered to some prestigious customers in the Middle East.


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