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29• Parfumerie de Vaudrey - ad memoriam perpetuam • Bottle Perfume 1920 Père Lachaise Faune Démon

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Bottle "Le démon d'amour" for the scent "Chypre" 1920, presented in a "trunk" case covered with imitation leather paper.

Pierre Vaudrey is a sculptor, specialising in the art of funeral ornaments. His business is located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, in Père Lachaise, a place of peace where the dead live together.

Advertisement "La poudre Coeur de Lys" Parfumerie de Vaudrey - in the foreground the powder box.

Powder box "Coeur de Lys" Perfumery of Vaudrey

Pierre Vaudrey (1873-1951)

This regular visitor to Père Lachaise will not end his eternal life in the pantheonic cemetery to which he devoted part of his life as a sculptor. His eternal home is in Fontainebleau.

Sculpture by Pierre Vaudrey

In his second active life, the artist moved away from the tombs and will-o'-the-wisps, and became "Perfumer Select of the Riviera" around 1920. Haunted and caught up in his taste for sculptures from the afterlife, he designed bottles and boxes in which will-o'-the-wisp, faun or demon and memorial symbols flourished, directly inspired by his taste for the art of decorating eternal gardens. Including the sarcophagus boxes! There is a touch of humour in Vaudrey who mischievously transposes his attraction to funerary tastes to his artistic perfumery creations!

Label on the bottom of the powder box

Pierre Vaudray was a stone sculptor. He notably realized works for the Parisian Cemetery of Père Lachaise, the most famous cemetery in the world where stars and celebrities rest. In the 1920s, he changed genre and created a perfume house on the French Riviera which bears his name with the motto "Parfumeur select de la Riviera ". These glass creations are of undeniable quality. It is a fine and refined work where the faces and details are real sculptures. It goes without saying that his creations are marked with the symbol of the other world, even in the caskets that take the form of a coffin or sarcophagus. And this with a lot of humour.

The sarcophagus boxes

Other creations

La Rose de Vaudrey

(flame stopper)

Le Démon d' Amour

(fauna head cap)

"Le Coeur pamé"

(flame stopper"

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