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In thiswork, Geneviève Fontan draws up an inventory of nearly 400 Carrés Hermès Éditons Limitées, printed for an event, as a tribute, as a souvenir… or for a good cause. The classification is made in alphabetical order from the Carrés de la Collection Hermès database (cf. CDA IV). In the sub-section, appear in chronological order the inventory of the Carré Hermès Éditions Limitées with the title, the name of the event printed on the Carré, the date of edition, the circumstances of the event and, possibly, the related story. Next come the colour, the dimensions, the nature of the textile… and the evaluation of the Carré. The book is illustrated with the Carrés and mentions printed in the silk which distinguish them from the classic Hermès Collection.

This book written by Geneviève Fontan is the result of extensive research, both bibliographic and iconographic. The main purpose of this work is to provide major information to collectors of Carrés Hermès Éditions Limitées throughout the world.From her experience, her knowledge and her passion for art, she realizes through her books the desires to which collectors aspire that only an art lover and collector can translate.


Carrés Hermès Limited Edition

SKU: EdLim
  • AUTHOR: Geneviève Fontan

    • PREFACE: Aida Garifullina

    PUBLISHER: Arfon Maison d'Edition

    • Legal deposit: October 2021
    • ISBN:  978-2-911955-54-9


    • Format: 240 280 mm
    • Number of pages: 204 quadri pages 
    • Binding: Square back stitched and glued Soft cover with wide flap


    • French English text




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