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Almanac of Letters and Arts. Calendar for 1917. Poems, tales & short stories. Essays on the ideas and manners of today and on the present state of Fine Arts in France. Enriched with numerous Illustrations, wood engraving by Bernard Naudin, Dufy, Paul Iribe, Laboureur, Girardclos, Boussingault, etc. Text by Moréas, Salmon, Max Jacob, Raoul Ponchon, Apollinaire, Muselli, Vollard, Sainte-Beuve, etc. The last pages of the book complete the descriptions of the perfumes (La rose de Rosine, Mamzelle Victoire, etc.). This luxurious album intended for the elite will be limited to one number. Poiret published it on his own in 1917 because of the restrictions which then affected publishers. "When I was working with Dufy, we had set up a directory that I had called the Almanac of Letters and Arts. It was printed on beautiful paper, illustrated with wood carved by Dufy and gathered the names of all the avant-garde artists, writers and designers " Cf. Dressing up the time, p.286



SKU: FondGF22-23
  • AUTHOR: André Mary

    • Illustrator: Raoul Dufy

    EDITOR: Published by Martine, Choses à la mode, Paris

    Publication date: 1917 (original edition, only print)


    • Format: 145 x 190 mm
    • 252 pages
    • Illustrations: 12 original woods and 32 plates out of text
    • Leather bound back with nerves, gold upper edge, thread edge
    • Bookmark scented card "Nuit de Chine" Rosine Perfumes, in a new format published only for the book.

    CONDITION: very good condition


  • This copy is complete with its card, and its beautiful binding. Which is not generally the case.

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