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This work written by Geneviève Fontan is the fruit of many years of research. “ The historical and ironic and sometimes cynical quotes and short sentences that bring an interactive note to this work, I have, from year to year, noted and piled up in my phrasebook, then compiled. From magazines and magazines, books and brochures ranging from the Book of Enoc to the work of Henry of Germany, learned collector, via the Journal de Paris, first French daily newspaper… ”.

Stay young, stay beautiful or become… parading with a pink epidermis: the subject is worrying! Elegant and courtesans examine the formula manuals under the blessing of the apothecaries who reign supreme in the elegant world of ancient times. Thus in the 18th century, we see a market emerging around beauty that will only grow; a phenomenon which is at the origin of the development of the craft industry, industry and research. Nothing has changed since François Ier. The body, tabernacle of the spirit, deserves special attention, because if with age the mind becomes refined, the body struggles and resists not to sink. With the progress of research in cosmetics and the knowledge of how to treat your body well, the age when you give up pleasing is going back. The fact remains that beauty, like happiness, without being a mirage is not a given.

Geneviève Fontan, collector of Western objects related to perfumery and cosmetics, tells the story of make-up, cosmetics and perfumes from the Renaissance to the 1930s. Punctuated with anecdotes and quotes, Frimousse d'Or is illustrated up close of a thousand objects related to the art of pleasing, mostly from his personal collection. An important chapter is devoted to powder boxes, a study that pays tribute to illustrators and sublimates the art of paper. Perfume bottles, boxes necessary for perfume, fly boxes, cane minaudières, jars of ointment, make-up boxes, beauty utensils, in gold, enamel, porcelain, crystal and ... cardboard scroll like a slideshow. Uses, customs and craft techniques are developed throughout this work, documented with relevance. The collector experiences exceptional moments in a perennial way and this book will accompany him as an inseparable guide throughout the course of his fascinating life as a collector or art lover. A pleasant book to read, abundantly illustrated and fiercely documented, written by an author much appreciated by a large audience.


  • AUTEUR : Geneviève Fontan

    • Préface de Marie-Christine Grasse, Conservateur du Musée de Grasse

    EDITEUR : Arfon Maison d'Edition

    Dépôt légal : 2013


    • Format : 330 x 245 mm
    • 408 pages quadri, environ 1000 objets reproduits
    • Livre relié, plat gaufré. Jaquette et planches sous serpente

    TEXTE en français

    LIVRE neuf

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