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In this book, the reader will be able to visualize exceptional boxes of powder, old bottles, scented cards, miniatures and of course the essential novelties. Most of the pieces photographed come from the Maison Bourjois conservatory.
Texts and comments will allow the reader to better understand this brand that has made the world dream with the famous "Soir de Paris".


SKU: GénéB
  • AUTHOR: Geneviève Fontan

    • Collaboration of Maison Bourjois

    EDITOR: Arfon Publishing House

    Legal deposit: 2007


    • Format 210 x 220 mm
    • 120 pages
    • Soft cover with flaps, stitched square back

    New book

    TEXT in French


  • Les frais d'envoi à l'international  sont identiques pour un ou plusieurs livres commandés.

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