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Always attentive to collectors and art enthusiasts in general, Geneviève Fontan has carried out a study that will provide the reader with a better understanding of the techniques and uses of making Hermès bags and luggage. In this illustrated work, she gives the appropriate vocabulary to designate each part of a bag as well as the codes which make it possible to know the vintage of a bag or the nature of the species of a crocodilian. The brands and signatures are reproduced and commented. Materials and manufacturing techniques, are explained with photos to discern the finishes that Hermès uses in manufacturing. Tips for maintaining and repairing a bag will help prevent mistakes. An illustrated list of the different leathers and their characteristics provides the elements to identify the many varieties of leather. It has carried out a study of forms for the classification of bags and gives the essential elements relating to the legislation concerning the species protected by the Washington Convention. Thanks to all the information that the reader will find in this work, he will be able to recognize for himself an authentic bag made in the workshops of Hermès.


SKU: Guide&code
  • AUTEUR : Geneviève Fontan

    EDITEUR : Arfon Maison d'Edition

    Depot légal : 2015

    Réédition : 2019


    • Format : 240 x 280 mm
    • 80 pages illustrées
    • Couverture souple à rabats, dos carré cousu
    • Poids 560 gr

    Livre neuf

    TEXTE Français-Anglais

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