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Costume and Furniture Accessories from the thirteenth to the middle of the nineteenth century

Volume I: jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings, Berlin steel and cast iron jewelry, buttons, castles, seals, canes, fans, mirrors, bags and bags, boxes and snuff boxes, boxes, lighting, objects in painted sheet ...

Volume II: Precision tools and instruments, tools and glasses, spyglasses, writing cases, clocks, watches, scissors, shuttles, smoking accessories, table and kitchen utensils: knives, spoons and forks, basins, mortars, coffee grinders, basket ... Volume III: Description of the subjects figured in the plates.



  • AUTHOR: Henri from Germany

    EDITOR: Schemit libraire

    Year 1928 - Original edition


    • 3 large volumes in-4
    • 567 pages
    • Illustrations: 393 plates reproducing more than 3000 various documents
    • Binding with golden embossed cover with small irons for each volume

    PROVENANCE: former Caroline Reboux collection

    CONDITION: interior in very good condition / correct bindings

    TEXT in French


  • Cette première édition en trois volumes est une véritable bible. La reliure d'origine présente dans ces trois volumes est un atout incontestable.

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