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Beautiful copy of 107 recipes and other culinary curiosities brought together in 1928 by Paul Poiret, then president of the Club des Purs Cent, which he had founded following a disagreement with the president of the gastronomic club. The extraordinary recipes chosen by Paul Poiret are not lacking in originality. Unquestionably this book reflects the character of Paul Poiret who loved to provoke and shock. This copy is numbered 62 out of 100 copies.




SKU: FondGF22-20
  • AUTHOR: Paul Poiret

    • Illustrator: Alix Marie

    EDITOR: Editions Jonquières Paris

    • Printer: R. Coulouma in Argenteuil

    Legal deposit 1928


    • Format: 225 x 170 mm
    • Illustrations: 107 drawings by Marie Alix in-text
    • Bound leather back with nerves, bookmark, slice thread
    • Numbered copy "in addition to the original edition, one hundred copies were printed, numbered from 1 to 100, on pure Lafuma tinted vellum."

    CONDITION: excellent condition

    TEXT in French



  • Book part of the 100 numbered copies. I recommend the simple and easy recipes given in this book ... that you won't find anywhere else! But above all this book is a "pearl" for the admirers of Paul Poiret, the Magnificent.

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