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TRILOGY  CARRES D'ART brings together in a hard case the 3 complementary works which list the inventory of   almost all the Hermès scarves produced since 1937._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Each copy is numbered from 0 to 200 

These works are the same as those sold individually and bearing the same title, only the case and the numbering differ. 


Squares of art IV

Reissue 2021 - Revised

take inventory of  drawings of squares published by Hermès 

of dimensions between 55 and 100 cm


Limited Editions

takes inventory of Scarves from the Classic Hermès Collection (see CDA IV) marked or a distinction to identify the event.


Special Editions

takes inventory of Specially printed squares par Hermès d'un unpublished drawing  for an advertising, commemorative, special event or for a good cause. Series, partnership and Carrés d'exception  complete the inventory.

A dictionary of illustrators and their creations of squares closes this volume.



SKU: Trilogie

    AUTHOR: Geneviève Fontan

    • PREFACE: Aida Garifullina for CDA Ed Limited

    PUBLISHER: Arfon Publishing House

    • Legal deposit: October 2021


    • Format: 240 280 mm
    • Box-hard case  containing the 3 books Carrés d'art Carrés Hermès
    • Carrés d'art IV + Carrés d'art Limited editions + Carrés d'art Special editions


    • English French text
  • La Trilogie est sortie  au moment du confinement et notre imprimeur a du faire appel à un sous-traitant. Nous avons constaté des défauts de fabrication dans la réalisation de l'étui et avons du ralentir la vente de cette édition limitée. Nous invitons les personnes qui ont fait l'acquisition de Trilogie avant mars 2023 et qui on rencontré des malfaçons à nous contacter.  

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